Travel Wizard

Travel Wizard is an intelligent CRM system concept, aiming to help high-end travel agencies, which curate personalized travel options, to offer something truly bespoke and relevant, and be able to adapt this offering when necessary as the traveller moves through their cycle. Travel Wizard is a side project in which I demonstrate similar skills as in one of the protected projects at work.

The Vision

Delivering an end-to-end luxury experience for a traveller.

Building the most personalized customer journey from the moment a traveller gets in their taxi to the airport until they arrive back at their front door from their journey home. Being able to understand what luxury means for a traveller at a certain moment in time - be it an early check-in to their room to sleep immediately after a disastrous journey, or having their favourite meal automatically served just after they enter their hotel room if the airline was unable to cater for their dietary requirements.

Automated Workflow. For example, tasks are assigned automatically to keep agents always focused on the cases that require more considered attention. If our algorithm is not sure what to do, it throws a task at the agent.

↑ Luxury travellers’ end-to-end journey

Platform Structure

Travel Wizard provides clear visual structure and comprehensible data presentation. It has 3 layers: a role-based global navigation, a contextual menu and a workspace. It also color coded 4 different categories of information.

↑ 4 color coded categories: Messages/Communications in blue, Actions in purple, Identity/Find in red and Sales/Finance in green

↑ 3 layers: a role-based global navigation at the bottom, a contextual menu in the middle and a workspace on the top.