Everyone needs a multi-day canoeing adventure

The project is an one page website. The single page approach balances conveying the depth and joyness of Wonderlust with a straightforward path to reserve a ticket– vital to an effective event site. Wonderlust is a 3-day camping event. I love to canoe and camp. I always want to have a multi-day canoeing adventure. My first experience of canoeing was in Everglades National Park. I instantly fell in love with canoeing and the flow of the ocean.

Branding + UI/UX + CODE

Launch Site

The Idea

This is a very unusual camping experience. So I used some "quirky" and fun elements in the design. The logo is canoe shaped, meaning that this is a paddle camping adventure.

↑ Logo Draft

The design

↑ ↓ A flat, funny and colorful illustration driven style was created to express the joy of camping.