Love Knows No Distance

Love finds a way

Love Knows No Distance App is for long distance lovers to keep connected and stay close. One of the big challenges I faced was to differentiate it from other social networking apps.

Branding + App + Landing Page

The Sketch

As usual, I started the project by making rough pencil sketches on paper. One of the biggest challenges of this project was figuring out what features should and shouldn't be included. So I spent a long time drawing out the app interface using pencil and paper. I was able to play with a bunch of different design flows and interaction possibilities very easily, and I tossed out the ideas that didn’t seem optimal.

The design

↑ Sign in / Sign up

↑ ↓ Using the app, lovers can share intimate moments and to-do lists with each other. I created the heart-shaped paper airplane identity to symbolize the connection between loved ones. The plum and cotton candy pink color combo conveys coziness and intimacy.

↑ ↓ Landing page of Love Knows No Distance App

Keep every moment

Make a list

Fun chatting

↑ Icons of the main features