More than a health monitor device.

The project began as a unique business proposition delivered through a detailed marketing plan then moved on to the information architecture design, which then followed by the interface and website design. Companion has an end-to-end personal data framework, all caregivers have access to the same data. It aims to help seniors maintain an independent lifestyle by connecting them with their adult children, therefore the distant caregivers can remotely track loved one’s daily routine. Wearable technology is not only for young people.

Branding + UI/UX + CODE

Launch Site

The Information Architecture

For better understanding of users who I am designing for, I created 2 personas. One is a health-conscious mother who is living by herself and the other one is an anxious adult daughter who is living thousands kilometers away from her parents.

↑ Personas ( View Marketing Plan )

↑ Wireframes

The design

↑ ↓ I used super clean and minimal design to convey an image of sophistication, realiability and elegance of the wrist band.

↑ Wearable technology is a new concept for seniors, so I treated the story telling in a more visual way - creating a whole day timeline to explain how Companion makes seniors' lives so much better.

↓ Interfaces of Companion

↓ At-a-glance Health Monitor Indicators

↓ Icons of Activity Sensors

↓ Sketches of the wrist band