Website Redesign + IA

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The challenge

The original website has proven that it needs redesign, starting from the UX point. It needs to develop a unified powerful visual identity that can accommodate individual event sub-brands. Also, the website needs a makeover to make it mobile-friendly.

The Information Architecture

User flows were created to lay down the basic for what a user can do. Here, take one featured event as an example - Next Gen Dinner Series, which provides students a free evening of networking over a classy dinner with leading industry executives. There are two main users: an ambitious student of advertising who's on the verge of graduating and an industry leader who is looking to meet brand new talent in the marketing and advertising industry.

↑ User Flow (User: an ambitious student)

↑ Sitemap ( View Sitemap )

↑ Responsive wireframe for Next Gen Dinner Series Apply Page

The design

I designed a grid and a number of templates to create a clear and consistent UI across a range of devices from desktop to mobile.

↑ Events Page showcasing all the event series

↑ About Page (Introduction about Ad Lounge)

↑ Home Page