Travel Agent Portal

How can the user experience with call centers be improved?

Travel Agent Portal is an intelligent CRM system for customer support, aiming to help high-end travel agencies to offer something truly bespoke and relevant, and be able to adapt this offering when necessary as the traveller moves through their cycle.

The Vision

A powerful CRM system which can be constantly fed to help building the most personalized travel experience from the moment a traveller gets in their taxi to the airport until they arrive back from their journey home. For example, that somebody has running shoes, the housekeeping staff will leave them extra bottles of water. Then the info is fed back to the CRM via front office team.

↑ Luxury travellers’ end-to-end journey

Design Goal

  • Redefine the existing workflow to make it considerably efficient and engaging for travel agents.
  • Determine different levels of data presentation and all data should be in a specific place that is easy for agents to find.
  • Light weight interfaces.

Platform Structure Before and After

Before: Overwhelming and cluttered. It's easy to lose time trying to figure out the next steps to take or where to click since there are so many things going on in one screen.

↑ Example of current CRM system

↑ Dissection of current platform

After:The multi-layer platform has a logical and clear path that would allow agents to multitask better and find things easier. And the workflow is redesigned to decrease the amount of clicks it took to perform certain tasks.

The bottom level - Role-based Global Navigation, is a over-arching authenticated container.

The middle one - Contextual Menu, is a list of items based on permissions and context.

The top one - Workspace, is a meaningful combination of widgets.

↑ 4 color coded categories: Message/Communication in blue, Action in purple, Identity/Find in red and Sales/Finance in green

↑ 3 layers: a role-based global navigation at the bottom, a contextual menu in the middle and a workspace on the top.

Light Weight Interfaces

How is the platform structure translated into interfaces?

In order to pursue hyper personalization, a unified access to customer information is key. After automated data consolidation, Travel Agent Portal can reveal key consumer insights by analysing the data coming with the initial inquiry such as the purpose of visit, destination and the context info such as the weather. To do that, Privacy Terms will be a written file to be signed by the customer.

↑ Homepage once signed in

  • A role-based global navigation bar, instead of a traditional tabbed interface
  • A search bar with recently reviewed customers
  • Customized widgets: eg. the task list which is sorted by priority

↑ Leads overview page

  • A contextual menu - Leads
  • A leads table, showing prospective leads
  • Sales prediction about how to engage

↑ Leads details page

  • A workspace with a collapsed toolbox on the top right corner
  • Customer profile with key insights

↑ Tool box panel

  • Tool Box panel is included to support specific actions such as adding a reminder, adding a new log and creating a new task.r